Christian Family of Bangladesh in Jail for False claim from Islamist Group

Christian Family Bangladesh under false claim

A Christian family in Bangladesh under blackmail from islamist group and islamist group filed a sue against this Christian family (six person) with a false allegation of human trafficking muslim house servant. The servant name Mitu and it was her pre-planned with her family and islamist group to keep this family’s child to the School and to go away, for bring trouble in a Christian family. That servant’s islamist family and a group of islamist local group now blackmailing to this Christian family amount 10,000,00 BDT (Ten Lac Bangladeshi Taka) nearer 12,195 $ with fear. The famous daily news paper of Bangladesh name “The Prothom-Alo” also wrote the details in favor of this Christian family. The relative of this Christian family did a general dairy to the Mirpur Police Station regarding this blackmailing GD no 1129. This case was filed against this Christian family on Khulna Police Station under Human Trafficking Act 7/8 case file number: 04. On this coming Sunday 20/10/2012 at Khulna Court this family will stand for demanding bail with all prove. The case was filed against these six members name: 1) Michel age 50, 2) Jamuna, age 45, 3) Mithul, 16 4) Richard Mondol, age 20, 5) Mark Rupayan, age 36, 6) Lovely age 30.

All the documents and pictures are attached to with this news please publish this news in your news website and let world knows regarding minor religion are always under attack in Islamist Country

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Hello world!

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Revelation 13:18)

All news related with Church, Persecution and Torture here in our country Bangladesh.

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